Integrating Chinese and Western Cultures, Guiding with Principles | Mingyuan's Benchmark Enterprise Study Tour for FOTILE Culture Practice Successfully Completed!

In order to deeply implement the governance philosophy that culture is business and promote the further establishment of the "Five-in-One" corporate culture, PHF, as a benchmark enterprise for practicing FOTILE culture, invited Principal Gao Xusheng from the FOTILE Cultural Research Institute and entrepreneurs from inside and outside the city to PHFPark on June 17th for a one-day enterprise study tour.

The visit began with Chairman Chen Yizhong warmly welcoming the entrepreneurs in the PHFsample workshop and introducing the company's background, vision, core values, and the origin of its relationship with FOTILE culture.

After the visit, everyone signed in with flowers in hand and the study tour exchange seminar officially began. Ms. Lu Shouhong, a teacher from PHF, gave the opening speech and spoke about the integration of corporate culture with business operations and decision-making from three levels: confusion, clarity of mind, and practice. During the meeting, Mingyuan's senior management shared their experiences and insights on corporate culture, values, employee training, and motivation.

In the afternoon, Principal Gao Xusheng from FOTILE School delivered a lecture on FOTILE culture, integrating Chinese and Western elements, to help everyone further understand the cultural background and values of FOTILE.

The mind is the source of everything, and clarity and purification of the mind are the tools and treasures for sustainable development. As an important practice and implementation tool for PHFculture, Ms. Lu Shouhong shared her thoughts on the value and implementation of the "Five-in-One" with everyone and guided them to formulate their own "Five-in-One".

As the meeting drew to a close, some entrepreneurs shared their thoughts and reflections on learning about PHF and FOTILE culture, and how they could apply the knowledge and experience they had learned to their own corporate cultures, combining practical examples.

To become a truly great enterprise, it is necessary to integrate the "three qualities" of character, enterprise quality, and product quality into the core values of the enterprise. It is also a manifestation of the enterprise's high sense of responsibility towards partners, employees, and family members, thus becoming an enterprise driven by mission, vision, and values, helping everyone achieve both material and spiritual prosperity, and grow professionally!