Fifteen Years of Solidarity, Hand in Hand for a Winning Future || The Grand 15th Anniversary Celebration of Mingyuan Creative Life Successfully Held! Fifteen Years, Measuring Steps with Time

PHF has weathered storms and enjoyed robust development.

Fifteen years, striding forward with leapfrog progress.

PHF keeps pace with the times, innovating and accumulating energy.

Fifteen years, committed to crafting dreams with dedication.

PHF thrives towards the sun,potential and soaring.

In the lush July, we celebrated the 15th anniversary of PHF Creative Life. On the 15th and 16th, numerous suppliers and friends were invited to visit PHF and congratulate us on our fifteen-year journey through wind and rain.

Looking Back

Fifteen years of pursuit and exploration

From a few initial members to over a thousand today

A magnificent picture of development

Is a historical snapshot of PHF's journey to becoming a strong enterprise

Cultural Sharing


A towering tree must have its roots

A vast mountain must have its spirit

Cultivating and strengthening the enterprise with culture is PHF's consistent development philosophy

Ms. Lu from PHF College and Mr. Li Wende from FOTILE

Shared and discussed PHF and FOTILE culture with everyone

Discussing the art of management together

Fifteen glorious years, our original aspiration remains unchanged

Time leaves no trace

Witnessing a seed growing into a tree with pride

Time is tangible

Turning the unwavering dedication of a group into a vast ocean

Fifteen years belong to PHF

And even more so to every PHF member who has dedicated themselves to pursuing their dreams

Looking back, we have no regrets in the face of wind and rain

Looking ahead, we are full of confidence