Summer passion, meeting "basketball" and going forward—the basketball friendly match between Mingyuan and Fushan District Market Supervision Bureau heats up!

On June 8, 2023, the trade union of PHF and the trade union of Fushan District Market Supervision Bureau jointly organized a basketball friendly match. Members of PHF Basketball Club, Fushan District Market Supervision Bureau, and Civil Affairs Bureau participated in the competition.

The pre-match warm-up preparation was relentless,

rubbing hands together eagerly and feeling fully confident

At the sound of the whistle,

together we fight,

both sides exchanged attacks and defenses in a passionate confrontation

Amid cheers and shouts,

the players' enthusiasm rose,

and the atmosphere of the competition continued to heat up

Both sides launched a wonderful offensive and defensive battle

After fierce competition, the joint team of Fushan District Market Supervision Bureau won the victory of this basketball friendly match! Basketball leagues compare friendship and compete for spirit! Testing sharpness on the field, sparking the spark of struggle and endeavor; the competition is a gas station, where Mingyuan cadres, cadres from Fushan District Market Supervision Bureau and Civil Affairs Bureau engage in cross-border exchanges, learn from each other, and demonstrate the spirit of Fushan!