The 2nd PHF Cup International Home Textiles Creative Design Competition Award Ceremony Successfully Held!

On December 6, the 2nd PHF Cup International Home Textiles Creative Design Competition Award Ceremony was successfully held at Shandong International Fashion Creative Center. The competition received 2,275 entries carefully created by students from 94 domestic and foreign universities, independent designers, and working designers. After expert review and public announcement, the organizing committee honored the winners with a grand ceremony.

Wang Lingyun from Shandong University of Art and Design won the gold award of this competition with her work “Inception”. In addition, silver, bronze, best concept, best application, excellent works, corporate market application works, and other awards were also announced and presented at the same time. The organizing committee awarded cash prizes, trophies, and certificates to the winners, with a total prize money of 215,000 yuan. The gold award carried a prize of 20,000 yuan, aiming to commend the winners, further tap the potential of more excellent creative design talents, and cultivate the passion and confidence of the younger generation in engaging in the charming home textiles industry.

Leaders and experts from Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology and other provincial and municipal authorities, China Textile and Apparel Import and Export Chamber of Commerce and other industry associations, Wuhan Textile University and Shandong University of Art and Design and other professional institutions, as well as initiating companies such as Yantai PHF Creative Life Technology Co., Ltd., and representatives from Shandong Textile and Apparel Association, Shandong Service Trade Association, Shandong Hubei Chamber of Commerce, Shandong Nanyang Chamber of Commerce, Shandong Henan Chamber of Commerce, Jinan Huanggang Chamber of Commerce, and Jinan Xiangyang Chamber of Commerce, along with friends from the government, business, school, and enterprise sectors, totaling over 200 people, attended this grand event.


As the initiator and title sponsor of this competition, Mr. Chen Yizhong, Chairman of Yantai PHF Creative Life Technology Co., Ltd., frankly stated, “Introducing international fashion trends, improving the level of creative design in the northern home textiles industry, and driving the leapfrogging of traditional industries in Shandong have always been the unchanging aspirations of holding this competition, as well as the sentiment of being engaged in the home textiles industry for 30 years. Next year, he plans to invite more award-winning designers to visit PHF Creative Life's design studio and smart factory, allowing them to participate in various stages of product creation on-site, gain a more realistic understanding of the implementation of creative designs, truly realize the landing of creativity through practical operations, effectively弥补shortcomings, and systematically promote the high-quality development of China's home textiles industry.”

This is a firm commitment made by an innovation-driven home textiles enterprise and an honorable mission for the Chinese home textiles industry to brave the waves and forge ahead.

The two consecutive competitions have received strong feedback, and the “PHF Cup” has become an industry benchmark.

The PHF Cup International Home Textiles Creative Design Competition adheres to the principles of “professionalism, innovation, and internationalization” as its competition philosophy, with serving enterprises as its mission. It aims to create distinctive and profound cooperation and exchanges between enterprises and universities in Asian countries and regions. Despite the special circumstances this year, the number of entries increased by 40% compared to the first competition, and the quality and level of creativity and innovation of the entries have also significantly improved.

Zhang Zhongjun, Second-level Inspector of Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, described his excitement at attending this event as “deeply moved and deeply gratified.” He hoped to borrow the momentum of this competition to cultivate innovation in our hearts and integrate culture into our blood, leveraging the crucial role of creative design in driving product innovation, leading industry fashion trends, and stimulating consumption upgrades. He also expressed his desire to accelerate the transformation of innovative outcomes and drive the high-quality development of Shandong's home textiles industry.

Cao Jachang, President of China Textile and Apparel Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, praised the PHF Cup Creative Design Competition for becoming an active force in driving industrial transformation. The Chamber of Commerce will continue to encourage, guide, and support leading enterprises such as Yantai PHF Creative Life to initiate such activities, starting from design, continuously promoting the transformation and upgrading of the home textiles industry and the enhancement of added value, consolidating the industrial foundation, and meeting market demand.

Ni Yangsheng, President of China Textile and Apparel Education Association, believes that “universities are the core of knowledge innovation, and enterprises are the core of technological innovation. Knowledge innovation can only become a real productive force through technological innovation. Through the platform of this competition, it provides an opportunity for students in school to showcase themselves while promoting close cooperation between industry