Cultivating Organizational Energy and Jointly Forging the Ideal of PHF - The PHF Heart-Mind Leadership Fellowship Successfully Convened!

Leadership is the source of ability for leaders to inspire, organize, and lead a team to achieve a shared mission and vision. On the morning of May 26th, Hu Guoliang, the Executive Dean of the FOTILE School Leadership Institute, was invited to PHF and, together with all PHF leaders, experts, and group leaders, launched a two-day PHF Heart-Mind Leadership Fellowship exchange meeting.

FOTILE leadership is a Chinese leadership style that combines traditional Chinese culture with both Chinese and Western management experiences. "Govern with virtue, just like the North Star, residing in its place and being surrounded by stars." The key to virtue lies in the "three virtues" of benevolence, wisdom, and courage. Dean Hu Guoliang provided a detailed explanation of each dimension from the three perspectives of "benevolence, wisdom, and courage", dividing each into four specific items.

Leadership is rooted in the "heart," and its core is the "heart." The heart is the master of the body, the source of the Tao, and the Tao is the foundation of virtue. Virtue is the root of deeds, and profound virtue can support everything. By cultivating the heart, one can achieve more with less effort in improving the Tao, virtue, and deeds. PHF leaders must strengthen their spiritual cultivation, cultivate their spiritual quality, tap into their spiritual treasures, enhance their vision and的格局, thereby building a team with both strong organizational and spiritual capabilities!