Mutual Trust, Promotion, Cooperation, and Win-Win - The 2024 PHF Annual Supplier Conference Successfully Convened!

On June 1st, PHF  held the 2024 Annual Supplier Conference with great pomp and ceremony. The event aimed to further strengthen cooperation and communication with suppliers, explore industry trends, and jointly plan for the future. The conference began promptly at 9 am, with suppliers arriving and participating in the sign-in ceremony. A total of 80 enterprises and 145 suppliers were invited to attend the conference.

Mr. Chen Yizhong, Chairman and General Manager of PHF , took the stage first to deliver a welcome speech. On behalf of the company, he expressed warm welcome and heartfelt gratitude to the suppliers who had traveled far and wide to attend. He also discussed the development prospects for the next three to five years with everyone. Mr. Chen emphasized that virtue is the foundation for a company to stand firm, and one should always be grateful and treat customers and friends with sincerity, thereby creating a good cooperation atmosphere, promoting continuous development of cooperation, and achieving a truly win-win situation.

During the afternoon's breakout session, participants engaged in in-depth discussions and exchanges based on their respective business areas and cooperation needs. All parties expressed that the conference had not only deepened their understanding and trust in each other, but also laid a solid foundation for future cooperation.

With the ever-changing market landscape, opportunities and challenges coexist. The successful hosting of this 2024 Annual Supplier Conference not only showcased the company's strength and charm, but also strengthened close ties and cooperation with suppliers. It is believed that in the future, PHF  will work hand in hand with suppliers to create an even more brilliant future.