Continuing to Learn from Role Models, Respecting the Way and Restoring the Rituals | The First Confucius Teacher Culture Festival of Mingyuan Creative Life Successfully Held!

The PHFtraining system has smoothly traversed fifteen years and gradually developed a team of teachers who excel in both morality and academics. On the morning of September 28th, on the occasion of the 2574th anniversary of Confucius's birth, PHFCreative Life convened the First Confucius Teacher Culture Festival in order to promote the spirit and philosophy of Confucius's teaching and respecting teachers, enhance the recognition and reverence of PHFteachers within the organization, and further promote talent development.

Mr. Chen Yizhong, Chairman and General Manager of PHFCreative Life and Chairman of the PHFCollege Committee, delivered a speech on this occasion. Mr. Chen pointed out that the upgrading of PHFlecturers to PHFteachers at this PHFTeacher Culture Festival is not just a change in title, but a substantial implementation of the PHFteacher culture.

Teachers, who guide and inspire others in knowledge and skills, cultivate and enhance the spiritual energy of PHFpeople through words and deeds, enlighten the wisdom of the mind, and develop the treasures of the soul. Teachers will serve as an important symbol and emblem of PHFculture, constructing the spiritual home for all PHFpeople, opening wisdom with wisdom, and nurturing life with life.

The PHFCollege Committee conducted a comprehensive assessment of PHFteachers based on certification results, professional abilities, teaching abilities, qualifications, and experience, and appointed internal lecturers as primary (junior), intermediate, and senior teachers. They possess excellent business skills and are both morally and academically accomplished, serving as the leading pioneers and core forces in Mingyuan's talent development.

Talent is the foundation of an enterprise and the source of its sustained development. The establishment of the PHFteacher culture system will further promote the dissemination and implementation of PHFculture and skills, assist PHFin creating value for society, cultivating talent for the country, and fulfilling the grand aspiration of building a great enterprise!