Hiking for Fitness, Illuminating the Path for the Future—Mingyuan Executives' 22km Hiking Team Building Activity

On October 14th, PHF organized a 22-kilometer hiking team-building activity for its executives. The standard for PHFcadres is to cultivate both martial arts and literary arts, and possess both moral integrity and professional skills. Measuring distances with our steps, we aim to "let go, cultivate our minds, and forge our spirits" during the hike. Through heartfelt reflection and working together, we strive to be pioneers and forge an unbreakable leadership team for Mingyuan. On the morning of the 14th, PHFexecutives dressed in company uniforms and divided into four teams named "Integrity, Persistence, Innovation, and Win-Win Cooperation". They gathered at Yantai Jinshatan Beach Park to embark on the 22-kilometer hiking adventure.

We are a company born for long-distance running! No matter how big the difficulties are, we will complete our mission! After a brief stretching session, each team leader led their members towards the destination. Accompanied by the gentle sea breeze, their robust figures and fluttering Mingyuan-colored flags contrasted beautifully with the blue sky and white clouds, creating a stunning scenery along the coastal road.

The 22-kilometer coastal hike is a dual test of both body and willpower. Measuring distances step by step and feeling every inch of the way, we complete a collision and exchange between body and mind, discovering a brand-new version of ourselves! Challenging high goals is our genetic trait; never giving up is our belief; the collective is the source of strength; and the crowd is the cradle of wisdom. Leaving soreness behind, we continue to move forward with only one goal: to complete our mission!

Learning from the past is essential for understanding the present. After the hike, the executives gathered together and shared their hiking experiences, referencing classic texts studied by cadres such as "The Doctrine of the Mean," "The Art of War," and "The Four Lessons of Li Fan." Thoughts such as "great distances are traversed by starting from nearby places, and high mountains are climbed by starting from low places" and the five virtues of a general—wisdom, trust, benevolence, courage, and strictness—once again cleansed their hearts. Chairman Chen Yizhong summarized the event by saying, "One person can walk fast, but a group can go even faster and further! Hiking for fitness, illuminating the path for the future. I hope that the executives will continue to lead their teams with wisdom, promote the ideas of 'recognizing past mistakes, not holding grudges, not repeating the same mistake, planning ahead, and acting immediately' within the team, develop the treasures of their minds, increase organizational wisdom, and enhance organizational energy. I wish the executives to work together, be brave in exploration, and achieve continuous success!"