Fifteen Years of Solidarity, Winning the Future Together || The 15th PHF Cup Summer Evening Party Successfully Held!

Fifteen years of solidarity in creation, hand in hand to pursue dreams and win the future. Fifteen years of trials and tribulations, we have followed the light and traveled far; we have turned our stories into songs and composed legends with our struggles. On the afternoon of September 2nd, the 15th PHF Cup Summer Evening Party kicked off in the night.

This summer evening party was hosted by the PHF Labor Union Committee with assistance from various functional departments. Hosted by Wang Runze, Wang Zixuan, Zhang Wenting, and Wang Zhenyi, the evening party presented a variety of exciting programs that kept the audience captivated.


Under the thunderous applause and laughter of the audience, the summer evening party gradually drew to a close with the beautiful melody of "Tomorrow Will Be Better". In the first half of 2023, all PHF colleagues joined forces to face the severe market pressure, confront challenges, and achieve remarkable results against the trend. Ahead of us lies a new starting point, new opportunities and challenges waiting for us. Let us work together to build our dreams and move forward, composing a better tomorrow!