In 2019, the export sales amounted to US$122.37 million. Domestic sales of 36.12 million RMB.
On January 31, promote management with democracy --- Warmly celebrate the victory of PHF 's 2019 annual employee representative conference!
On April 15, Thomas Chen(Yizhong Chen), chairman of PHF, was hired as a visiting professor of Wuhan Textile University and gave a lecture at the School of Economics.
On April 25, the leaders of China Home Textile Industry Association visited and investigated PHF.
On April 30, leaders of provinces and municipalities gathered in PHF to discuss and plan the "PHF Cup International Home Textile Creative Design Competition".
On May 17, the research team of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and city leaders visited PHF for inspection and research.
On May 27, the second "PHF Cup Parent-child Activity".
On May 28, the leaders of China National Textile and Apparel Council visited PHF for inspection and investigation.
On August 8, the first "PHF Cup International Home Textile Creative Design Competition" was successfully held.
On October 12, it was awarded the "National Textile and Garment Creative Design Pilot Park - PHF Home Furnishing Fashion Creative Center", "Shandong Provincial Industrial Design Center", "Vice Chairman Unit of Yantai Design Industry Alliance", "Shandong Big Home Furnishing Fashion Creative Center" Design Industry Research Institute".

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