On January 6, Shandong Academy of Arts and Crafts - PHF Home Textile Practice Base was unveiled.
On February 6, the mask sample was successfully produced. Employee volunteers went to work immediately to fight against the epidemic.
PHF took the lead in promoting the launch and production experience of knitted masks.
On February 8th, the first batch of masks was put into production!
On February 10, the mass production of masks began, with a daily output of 1,500. The company purchased two disposable mask production line machines.
On February 11, the Science and Technology Bureau of Fushan District contacted Zhongke Incubation Park to urge Zhongke and PHF Home Textile to cooperate in building a sterile workshop.
PHF has donated more than 1 million RMB in total to Wuhan Red Cross Foundation, Yantai Charity Federation and Fushan Charity Federation.
On May 30, the "2020 PHF Cup Children's Painting Competition" was successfully held!
On July 25, the founding meeting and first general meeting of shareholders of Yantai Pacific Home Fashion Co., Ltd. was held.
On July 29, the joint-stock company business license was obtained.
In November, the key technology for the industrialization of textile natural dye printing and dyeing developed by the company was included in the 2020 New Technology Promotion Catalog of the Textile Industry by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China Textile Federation.
In December, the company developed smart wearable material bed products that can monitor changes in human body temperature in real time, and won the second prize of the "China Textile Industry Federation Science and Technology Progress Award".
On December 6, the award ceremony and theme forum of the 2nd PHF Cup·International Home Textile Creative Design Competition.

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