The First PHF Cup International Home Textile Creative Design Contest Will Be Held in Yantai


Recently, many invitation letters were sent out to universities and design studios abroad famous in design industry to invite them to join in the PHF Cup.

The invitation letters, issued by the contest committee of International Home Textile Creative Design Contest, are sent to design organizations, design studios and students majoring in design in universities around the world.

The contest is jointly hosted by Yantai Municipal Peoples Government, China Textile and Apparel Education Society and China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textile and Apparel. Yantai Pacific Home Fashion Co., Ltd. acts the major organizer.

PHF Cup International Home Textile Creative Design Contest is the first creative design contest held in Yantai and highlights its theme “To Build a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind” from three directions--Co-Existence, Commensalism and Harmony in Diversity so as to promote the environmental protection, multiculture and inclusiveness. Those creative entries will express the internal relationship between cultural inclusiveness and individual innovation and show our vision for better world characterized by people’s common ground and harmony in diversity.

Up to now, the contest committee has contacted with many internationally famous design studios and universities including Birmingham City University, Academie Royale Des Beaux-Arts De Bruxelles and domestic universities like Tsinghua University, National Taiwan University of Arts, Donghua University, Dalian Polytechnic University, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts to invite their students to join in the contest. Wuhan Textile University College of Art and Design as one of the co-organizers takes part in this work.

In recent years, some design and creative companies like Yantai Pacific Home Fashion Co., Ltd. In design industry in Yantai dramatically rise like mushrooms after rain and become the driving force to push forward the creative development of Yantai economy, especially in the region of the transformation and upgrading in manufacturing industry.

In October last year, Liu Jiayi, Secretary of Party Committee of Shandong province, stressed when doing investigation in Chinese-German Center for Industrial Design and Shandong Industrial Design Institute that we shall pay more attention to the development of industrial design, the coordinated development of design industry and the organic integration of the industralization of intelligent fruits and the improvement of industrial intelligence so as to lay a solid foundation for the establishment of China Industrial Design Institute in Yantai.2019 International Industrial Design Contest and International Design Industry Expo, organized by Yantai Municipal Peoples Government, will take place on the October 18.

PHF Cup is the home textile design contest of the 2019 International Industrial Design Contest and the International Design Industry Expo. Many activities including Award Ceremony and Award-Winning Works Exhibition will be held on that day.

PHF Cup is expected to be held annually to build a platform for the promotion of home textile brand culture and for the flow of ideas among designers in the home textile industry. Meanwhile, the contest will certainly draw more fine educational resources and industrial resources at home and abroad, integrate more creative intelligence and push forward the pace for Yantai to be built as the Design City.