Running Together To Happiness With Children Hand In Hand The Second PHF Cup Parents-Children Campaign Was Grandly Held

I won’t be afraid of anything because you, my parents, are my superman.
Baby, you are our gains of love and it’s you who safeguards our happiness.
“Running Together To Happiness With Children Hand In Hand”
The second PHF Cup Parents-Children Campaign was grandly held on May 25, 2019 in Yantai Pacific Home Fashion Co., Ltd.

Small Feet, Big Shoes

Game Rules: Parents, leaving their shoes on one side of the campaign field, sat down on the other side while their children wearing their parents’ big shoes waited. Children all run towards their parents after hearing the kickoff and helped their parents wear shoes. Then those parents who finished wearing shoes carried children behind their backs to the other side where their children started. The one who helped children finish wearing shoes won the game.

“Mutual help between parents and children enhances their relationship” Those cute children wearing their parents’ big shoes run towards their parents and brought so much pleasure to the campaign.

Feet On Feet
“My child, you have a long way to go in your future and sometime it may be full of challenges. No matter where you go, we your parents will accompany you”
Game Rules: Children, with their parents hand in hand and feet on feet, run forward together with their parents after hearing the kickoff. Their feet should be bonded together and the group who run first to the finishing line won the game.

The Puttee Run
“Working together and walking in step with each other will win the game”
Game Rules: Parents whose legs were bound together with their children’s walked forward after hearing the kickoff. The group who run first to the finishing line won the game.

“Go Upstream”

No matter how sever the challenges are, I won’t feel afraid since my parents are superman.
Game Rules: Children started from one end of the rope and rotated themselves with rope twinning on their bodies while parents stood and held the other side of the rope. The one who first moved to his or her parents won the game.
Children dared to rotate with pleasure just like peg-tops since they knew that they were backed up by their parents. 
Express Love to Parents

Gratitude to parents shall be expressed. When our campaign came to an end, children were encouraged to express their love to parents and to say the words----I love you Mommy! I love you Daddy!

Children Won Joyfulness and Gifts

PHF Cup Parents-Children Campaign came to an end in children’s happy laughter and cheerful voices. Thank to those simple but funny games in our parents-children campaign, children’s temperaments have been matured, knowledge and skills improved and cognition towards family and family affection deepened. The parents-children campaign left deep impression on people joining in this activity.
Love, as worm sunshine and harbor, leads people to meet together and teaches children how to grow up. We are looking forward to the next parents-children campaign.