Leaders of China Home Textile Association (CHTA) Investigated and Researched in PHF

Zhu Xiaohong, vice chairman of CHTA, Zhu Qin, vice chairman of Textile Branch of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Ruan Hang, Deputy Director of CHTA, and Ye Zhaopei, Secretary General of Professional Committee of CHTA, investigated and researched in PHF on 24 April, 2019. Leo Chen, Executive Vice President of PHF, accompanied the visit.




Leaders of CHTA Visited the Showroom

In the meeting jointly attended by PHF senior managers, leaders of CHTA acquired detailed understanding about PHF’s development history and the performance in Shanghai Expo. After knowing well about the PHF Cup which will be held by PHF, leaders said that members of CHTA shall improve mutual communication and understanding and those opinions as well as suggestions from CHTA members shall be carefully taken into consideration so as to enhance the service quality of CHAT, to strengthen the cooperation between industrial clusters and to provide  more intelligent support to the development of regional industries.