The Power of Home Textiles with "Technology, Fashion, and Green"


Shanghai in March is filled with expectations. The 2023 China International Textile and Apparel Accessories (Spring and Summer) Exposition arrived as scheduled, accompanied by the blooming cherry blossoms.

With the successive introduction of various national policies and measures to promote trade and stabilize the economy, emphasizing trade promotion and smooth supply and demand, it has injected fresh vitality into the textile industry. The 2023 China International Textile and Apparel Accessories (Spring and Summer) Exposition brought together nearly 3,000 high-quality fabric suppliers from 22 countries and regions around the world. Divided into 13 professional exhibition areas and 39 subdivisions, it meets the diverse business needs of professional visitors.

With an exhibition area of approximately 210 square meters, Mingyuan Creative Life presented a brand-new and comprehensive look, showcasing the power of home textiles with "Technology, Fashion, and Green".

Yantai Mingyuan Creative Life Technology Co., Ltd., founded in February 2008, is an internationally renowned supplier of fashionable home textiles that integrates research and development, design, production, and sales. It has established well-known brands such as "PHF", "David's Home", "David's Kids", "Davis", "Youmianyaju", "Yilantu", "Baishifeike", and "Zaobuji". Positioned in the mid-to-high-end market, its products mainly consist of high-count, high-density, and naturally sourced materials. At this Spring and Summer Fabric Exhibition, Mingyuan reinterpreted the concept of home textiles in the eyes of the public with its product philosophy of "defining a new way of life". Besides basic home textile products, it also launched various technologically advanced products, including zero-carbon fiber, Tencel wool cotton, cashmere cotton, fragrance series, ice ammonia cooling series, and other functional home textiles. With its image of "Technology, Fashion, and Green", it presented a visual and tactile feast for the home to the audience!

The overall tone of the exhibition hall is a grayish seaweed green. The mysterious and serene gray tone enhances the pure and serene attributes of the space, bringing a calm and relaxing visual experience. The high-grade and versatile grayscale space can naturally blend with beddings of different colors and styles, creating a soft and harmonious bedroom color relationship.

The fragrance series products extract natural fragrances from plants and attach them to the surface of fabrics through special means. When subjected to external forces such as friction, tapping, or rubbing, the fragrance escapes, allowing one to smell the natural aroma. Even after multiple washes, a hint of fragrance can still be smelled.

Mingyuan Creative Life accurately grasps international fashion trends and boldly leads the domestic home fashion trend. It exercises multiple controls over products in terms of color, craftsmanship, patterns, and other aspects, fully understanding the trend styles of domestic and foreign home textile products to meet customers' order needs.

The plant dyeing series of products utilizes pigments extracted from flowers, grasses, trees, stems, leaves, fruits, seeds, peels, and roots in nature as dyes. Chemical auxiliaries are not used or used minimally during the dyeing process, which also aligns with the current consumption trend of green, healthy, and recyclable products.