Mindfulness and Endeavor, Innovation and Progress || PHFSuccessfully Held the 2023 Annual Awards Ceremony!

On the afternoon of February 24th, PHF grandly held the 2023 Annual Summary and Recognition Ceremony to summarize the past, plan for the future, and gather wisdom and strength for PHFto move forward steadily and far. Chen Yizhong, Chairman and General Manager of PHF, and all company functions attended the meeting.

The ceremony kicked off with an exciting musical performance, followed by Chairman Chen Yizhong's opening speech and a summary of the work in 2023. Chairman Chen pointed out that in the past year, everyone has made unremitting efforts, taking culture as the root, strategy as the soul, and achieved remarkable results with unity. In the new journey, we will start from the end, seek from the heart, improve organizational ability and employee mindset, and greet new challenges with confidence.

The ceremony awarded eight categories of awards, including "Outstanding Recognition", "Corporate Culture", "Quality and Cost", "Performance Achievement", "Research and Design", "Quality and Cost", "Management and Operation", "Strategic Orientation", and "Special Recognition".

Yesterday, we shined brightly and celebrated together; in the future, we will forge ahead and build together. The awards ceremony is not only a review and summary of the past, but also a prospect and expectation for the future. In the new year, we will continue to work together and contribute to the development of the company. Let us greet new challenges and create a more brilliant future with more enthusiasm and firmer belief.