PHF At Canton Fair--Leading The Fashion Of Home Textile


    The 125th Canton Fair, started on 1st May, 2019 and lasting 5 days, was held in the Exhibition hall of Guangzhou China Import and Export Commodities Fair, in which PHF sent merchandisers and popular designs and brought a visual feast to all over the world.


Four color series (pottery red, indigo blue, outdoor green and natural pattern) and two functional zones (throw zone and sheet set zone) are included in the booth.

Pottery Red---Dry Roses

Different from the showy bright red, pottery red as the perfect color for winter produces a kind of mildness and exquisiteness due to its inborn softness. Well matched with matte colors or metal colors because of its neutral trait, pottery red quite meet various aesthetic orientations of the public.
Dark Blue-- Tranquil Sea

Dark blue is quite pure with cool tone which presents a feeling of transparency or elegance like the sea or the sky. Combined with the white color, the fresh blue is quite attractive inside the door since the combination reveals high-quality color tones. At the Canton Fair, many products shown in our booth introduce the dark blue to attract more attention.

Sage Green--Outdoor Travel

With a little grayish feeling, the sage green nurtures the low-key and high-level softness, which enables sage green to cultivate its calm and retro style so as to bring more attractive designs.

Natural Patterns---Seek Shelter

With some neutral colors featuring low saturability like black, white, gray or wooden color, products with natural patterns are characterized by its cleanness, simpleness and warmth to produce the clean, comfortable and cozy surroundings, which certainly meets the needs of young generation towards house decoration. When it comes to home textile, natural patterns are always introduced to show simple and elegant patterns. Together with low saturability neutral colors, the natural patterns used in home textile will give you a comfortable and cozy living surrounding.