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The Members of the Party Branch Celebrating the 69th Birthday of the Motherland

The Members of the Party Branch Celebrating the 69th Birthday of the Motherland

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The party branch of the company held a special meeting to welcome the 69th birthday of the motherland and the special knowledge of the fight against evil. In addition to the business travellers, a total of 18 party members attended the meeting.

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The main topics of the conference 
Since the founding of New China's top ten remarkable achievements and in-depth learning and insights,
economic construction has made significant achievements.
Comprehensive reform has achieved a major breakthrough.

A major step in building of democracy and legal system was made.
People’s lives continue to be improved significantly.

The effectiveness of ecological civilization 
Military create a new situation.
Hong Kong Macao and Taiwan made new progress
The all-round diplomatic layout has been carried out in depth.
The effectiveness of the party has been comprehensively and strictly.
YanTai Pacific Home Fashion
As the majority of party members have said that communists must shoulder the heart, remember our mission over the firm belief that the mission, did not forget the beginning of perseverance. Devoted her life to a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics.