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PHF ranks the six place across the nation in terms of exporting bedding sets.
Qi xiaoqing, party secretary of Fushan district committee, investigated in PHF in February.
Automatic product-o-rial system was put into operation in the second mill of PHF in March.
PHF donated 100,000 yuan to buy books for students in two primary schools in Fushan district in charity party to celebrate Wade’s visit in Yantai on 16 July.
PHF won 2017-2018 Shandong Key Cultural Product and Export Service Enterprise on 28 July.
President of Wuhan Textile University and warden of Fushan district visited and investigated in PHF in August.
New mill in Cambodia Pacific Home Fashion was put into service in August.
Together with, PHF built Jiwu Smart Home in September.
PHF won the Silver Prize in Zhangjian Cup Design Competition on 18 September.
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